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This Is Fine

About This Is Fine:


Do you want everything to be on FIRE!? Then you should play ThisIsFine, a game where everything is always going wrong! Take the place of a space engineer in the heat of battle trying to keep things running long enough to escape.

My Contributions:

For This Is Fine I produced the code which governs all of the game play:

  • The code which determines the rate at which events happen that the player has to deal with such as fire, the enemy ship, the busted pipe, and the enemies boarding the player's ship 

  • The power plug mechanic which allows the player to plug in a battery into one of the plugs on the left side of the ship. Each plug either decreases the rate bad events happen (blue), increases the rate at which the engines charge (green), or turns on the ship's weapons (red)

  • The turret screen which allows the player to shoot at enemies who have boarded their ship

  • The code that plays back animations

How This Is Fine was Created:

This Is Fine was a 5 week student project for Michigan State University's MI 455 class Game Design and Development II. 

The game was created with this four person team:

Declan McClintock: Programmer
Bronwyn Murphy: 2D Artist
Darlene Kibler: 2D Artist
Graham Thomas: Designer and UI programmer

With Voice Acting by:

Daniel Shumaker

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