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Play Arcade

About ComArtSci Play Arcade:


The college of Communications Arts and Sciences at MSU put together a project to show off MSU student made games. This included the set up of arcade stations that could play both student made games and classic Arcade games.

My Contributions:

I wrote code that managed a menu system for the arcade cabinets. This was written in Unity and involved reading off of JSON files to load in the various icons, pictures, and even videos to display in the menu system to attract players.

Cabinet Game Preview.JPG

I also created a set of Unity assets and documentation to use in modifying existing or new projects to make them Arcade Cabinet compatible.

I also learned some Windows OS specific scripting to disable certain hot keys from being used by users of the arcade cabinet to close or minimize the arcade menu, to automatically shut off and restart the machines at certain times to save power, and to control the transition between the menu application and the games then back to the menu when the games close.

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