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About RailBuilder:


RailBuilder was a two part project. The first part involved building a system to download data from the United States Geological Service,  process that data into our application, and give that data to our code to generate realistic terrain in Unity. The second part of the project involved building a game to showcase the technology.

My Contributions:

I am primarily responsible for the code that processes elevation data from USGS. My code takes .flt files and converts them into 2D arrays of floats for use on a Unity Terrain Object. I produced our initial code for reading .tiff files into 2D arrays of integers. I am primarily responsible for the code governing the game-play aspects of the project. This includes code which: displays previews of rail pieces being placed; places rail pieces onto tiles in the game; the tiled interface the player interacts with; code that governs the train's movement along the track; and the win/lose conditions related to the train.

How RailBuilder was Created:

RailBuilder was created for Michigan State University's Computer Science Capstone class. The sponsor for this project was Union Pacific.

Our Capstone team was in close contact with our sponsor for the entire semester and worked hard to deliver the application they desired.

Team Members:

Declan McClintock: Programmer

Trever Daniels: Programmer

Jacob Young: Programmer

Kyle Bush: Programmer

Zach Brenz: Programmer

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