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About Odysseed:


A chicken farmer on a remote island has lost all of his chickens! Your goal is to get them back using the seeds in your arsenal to grow plants that will help you traverse the terrain of these treacherous isles. Along the way, you may get help from one chicken that is a cut above the rest...

My Contributions:

During the initial 5 weeks of development I produced the code governing player movement, the seed planting and growing mechanics, the checkpoints, the player's inventory, the dandelion floating mechanic, and chicken movement.

For my honors option update of Odysseed I produced code that allows the game to be played with an Xbox controller on Windows, an entire third level that plays around with the dandelion flight, and code that produces a few pleasing UI effects.

I also provided the voice for the chickens you collect in game.

How Odysseed was Created:

Odysseed was a 5 week student project for Michigan State University's MI 455 class Game Design and Development II. Odysseed had additional work put into it later as part of my honors option for a subsequent class.

The game was created with this four person team:

Declan McClintock: Programmer
Kyle Bush: Sound Design and Original Sound Track
Piet Braun: 3D Artist and Level Designer
Rellika Kisyula: UI Designer and Programmer

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