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Neo-Robo Trailer

Neo-Robo Trailer

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About Neo-Robo:


Neo-Robo is a First Person Bullet Hell Boss Fighting game with an atmospheric retro-futuristic theme where you dodge bullets while taking down tough bosses.

My Contributions:

I was the Programming Lead for this project, as such I was responsible for mentoring the programming team, managing the programming team, and of course programming parts of the game myself.

I kept my team organized through the use of Trello as well as reviewing their code for whether or not it met our stated Acceptance Criteria per assignment.

I wrote code for:

- Player movement

- Player weapon management

- Projectiles

- Player and enemy health

- All of the Wall Boss

- Animation playback

- SFX and VFX playback

How Neo-Robo was Created:

Neo-Robo was a 15 week student project for Michigan State University's

MI 497 class, Game Design Studio.

The game was created with this seven person team:

Declan McClintock: Programming Lead

Gustavo Fulton: Programmer

Zizhen Wang: Programmer

Graham Thomas: Lead Designer
Piet Braun: Art Lead
Andrew Morrissette
: 3D Artist

Austin Widmyer: VFX Artist

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