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Featured Projects

Rivers WIns Indiecade Adaptation Award.PNG

When Rivers Were Trails

Primary Role

Lead Programmer

Winner of the Adaptation Award at IndieCade 2019, When Rivers Were Trails is a point-and-click adventure game about the impact of colonization on Indigenous communities in the 1890's. 

Play Arcade Central Shot.jpg

Play Arcade

Department Wide Project

Primary Role

Arcade Menu Programmer

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences started a project to show off student made games inside of the Communication Arts and Sciences building on MSU's campus. This project resulted in the ComArtScie Play Arcade, consisting of central Plunder Panic game area and two arcade cabinets which house student made games and classic arcade games.

screenshot (143)-mas7yzr4.png


13 Person, 16 Week Group Project

Primary Role

Secondary Role(s)

Programming Lead

Project Manager

Stufffed is a 3D action platforming game where you traverse levels using standard 3D platforming as well as new abilities afforded to you by your umbrellas such as, floating, ziplining, shielding, and attacking.

Stuffed's gameplay, aesthetic, and musical score all play into the game's whimsical feel that is sure to leave you smiling.

RailBuilder: The Great Race to Promontory

Sponsored by Union Pacific

5 person, MSU CSE 498 Capstone Project

Primary Role

Software Engineer

RailBuilder was a two part project. The first part involved building a system to download data from the United States Geological Service,  process that data into our application, and give that data to our code to generate realistic terrain in Unity. The second part of the project involved building a game to showcase the technology.



Play Video

Game Dev Tutorials

4 Person, 5 Week Group Project

Primary Role

Producer / Content Expert

Secondary Role(s)

Game Designer, Lead Programmer

Tutorial projects developed to use when guiding students game design and development concepts and technical skills in Unity. These include a 2D Shooter, 2D Platformer. 3D Shooter (FPS), and 3D Platformer.

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